Color Psychology

Red: red has a reputation. Mainly for stimulation and increasing metabolism. It is an exciting dramatic color. It’s a color associated with passion. Darker shades of red have a sensuality and sense of indulgence about them. Think regal. Or red wine.

Orange: Orange is an active energetic color. It is, however, less passionate than red. It represents sunshine, happiness and the creative. It is also more informal than red. Actually, orange does not crop up in nature very often, which means that it jumps out at us when it does. Think oranges and citrus fruit.

Yellow: yellow represents the active and is highly visible. It is often used for warning signs and citrus fruits, such as the lemon often junk. It is used for Smileys, so happiness is rife! Bring a little sunshine into your life…

Green: The color green is of course associated with nature, as well as freshness and growth. Environmental protection sites, as well as natural produce sites use it extensively. However, it’s lacks the punch you will get with red, orange or yellow.

Blue: Blue is often associated with intelligence and an openness that has a very calming effect. Sometimes it is associated with negative emotions (the blues), but certain blues con the very energetic. Blue often transmits a sense of security and trustworthiness.